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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Amazon Customer
      " Great Product "

      After 2020 went down and toilet paper was flying off the shelves, I was looking for a bidet attachment for toilet in our family bathroom. I saw commercials for hello tushy bidet but the wait for a tushy classic was too long (after reading reviews for tushy bidet I did not like how their design attaches to the toilet either) so I decided to try out booty brand and man o man I am glad I did! My whole family is now true believers in having an at home bidet and I can’t believe it took us this long to get one. Install was super easy and it blends into the toilet nicely. Love it

      Keeps you clean and good for the environment

      It was very easy to install, the instructional video was short and helpful. It cleans very well, and I think it's helpful in reducing the toilet paper waster while keeping me clean. Water pressure is also good and adjustable. Love that there is a nozzle cleaning feature.

      sarika chan
      WOW. do your booty a favor and get this product.

      this product exceeded my expectations. there was a code to scan for step by step instructions and all the parts(andtools) were included in the package. it works so great as well. i love that there’s no battery or anything to plug in. it’s so easy to use.

      Madison McGuire
      Very Effective!

      The booty bidet turned out to be an awesome product! Our boys tried it in our bathroom and now they want it in theirs. We will likely be ordering another one so we don't have to fight over one!

      Love everything about this but the way it connects to the toilet seat is a bit weak.

      We got this to replace bidet attachment that attached to the toilet with a really ugly look. It also did not have any apparent difference between the front and rear wash. The Booty Bidet has a very nice looking control,. You can control the water flow (pressure) and direction. The cleaning mechanism is clearly marked on the controller and easy to use. The attachment to the toilet is not as ugly as the one I replaced. That does not mean it is attractive. The photo with this review shows the completed installation. It is much better than the one replaced.

      The control is attractive and works as it should to control the direction and the volume of the flow of water. It is easy enough for a visitor to use, with instructions clearly marked on the control. It is nice to be able to control the water pressure from a gentle flow to "lift-off" level of pressure. There is a very noticeable difference in the direction of water flow between the regular butt wash and the feminine wash.

      The parts supplied with the device are good quality and made the installation quite easy, except the rear attachment cracked when tightening down the screws that hold the seat in place.. I especially like that the connecting water line is reinforced with woven stainless steel. The plumbers' tape also makes sure connections are not going to leak. Overall, except for my gripe about the look at the back of the toilet seat, this is a good one and deserving of the five star rating.